About Us 

Established in 1995, Maxwell Building Corporation is committed to building and creating custom homes that feature floor plans of impressive scale and proportion, rooms with distinct moods and captivating design touches and building facades that utilize stone and brick to blend aesthetically with their natural surroundings — all of which combine to make a unique statement about sophisticated style and historical traditions.

Maxwell Building’s custom residences merge the best of classical architecture and today’s active lifestyle with a focus on comfort and livability. Each luxury estate offers the home buyer a chance to recapture the elegance of a bygone era: a home with magnificent details, structural integrity and imposing dignity. President Mike Maxwell has been acknowledged by architects and interior designers around the South Florida region as a builder with a sense of style, taste, and an expert command of elegant and functional design.

Maxwell Building uses a team approach in each project that involves Mike, the Architect, the Designer, and the General Contractor in all stages of plan development and the construction process. Mike personally spends time every day on all projects the company develops. For this reason, and Mike’s highly critical attention to detail, every project managed by Maxwell Building Corporation is successful, enjoyable, delivers a stress-free process and impeccable homes and renovations.

Mike’s background as a building contractor began with hands-on experience in the carpentry trade. Because of this experience, Mike knows how all of the intricate details of construction physically come together to complete a fine home with the highest quality craftsmanship.

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